Interview - Chief Designer, Miss Helen Ho, interviewed by Hangzhou TV

Interview - Hong Kong Trade Development Council interviewing Chief Designer, Miss Helen Ho.



Gabriel, the messenger from God, who foretold the births of John the Baptist and Jesus to Zacharias and the Virgin Mary. The Gabriel series is inspired by the bible and made with Sterling Silver and plated with 18K yellow gold.



Inspired by the Bible, where Jesus was baptised by John and the Spirit of God descending like a dove on HIM, the feather is representing God promises to all man kind. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, the series consists of both ear rings and pendant with different choices of Gemstones.

A promise comes true.

The Feather


Made with 18K White Gold and Diamonds, Miss Ribbon is one of the latest addition to the 2007 Spring Summer Season Collections. This series is inspired by the beauty of a free flying ribbon, which forms different, yet smooth, twist and turn shapes. The series consists of both ear rings and pendants.

Miss Ribbon


Remember the promises that your lover said to you? Devotion is a Sterling Silver ring series from HDJewellery to praise the devotions that two lovers give to each other. A choice of different gemstones is available.



Flowers, sweet and beauty. This series brings the feminine side out of you.

A 925 Sterling Silver series, it comes with different shade of 18K Yellow Gold plated to the surface. The series consists of both Pendants and Rings where customers can choose either single piece or a whole set.

Rosy Trio