Interview - Chief Designer, Miss Helen Ho, interviewed by Hangzhou TV

Interview - Hong Kong Trade Development Council interviewing Chief Designer, Miss Helen Ho.


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who.Are we?

HDJewellery was founded by two energetic young person from Hong Kong who have tremendous passion on jewellery designs. They believe that jewelleries should be well designed and every piece should have their own characteristics. Thus, HDJewellery is born.

At HDJewellery, we emphasis on both design and quality. We spent tremendous amount of time for designing and carefully choose the most suitable Diamonds, Precious and Semi Precious Gems, 18K Gold and Sterling Silver that would only match with the design. Not like other who care only about quantity, we carry only the best designs.

Apart from the jewellery design and manufacturing business, in 2004, HDJewellery took a step further and opened an online store under the brand mio senso. mio senso, in Italian, means ˇ§my way, my senseˇ¨ and it carries lines of beautifully designed sterling silver jewelleries that merge into peopleˇ¦s daily life.

We believe that best designed jewelleries can bring joy to everybody and we work very hard to make it happens. Feel free to browse around our site and you are always welcome to contact us if you have any query.


At HDJewellery, we strongly believe that jewellery is an essential part of fashion and, also, a direct reflection of the wearerˇ¦s personality and taste. Because of this, our products are developed in a way that you will find the right jewellery to compliment your clothing for different occasions.

We are leading the way and helping our customers to incorporate the magic of jewelleries into their daily fashion.


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